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9 Responses to “”

  1. krosinsk Says:

    Cullen, your ‘Nightscape’ series is intriguing. I think the yellow-green color cast by the lamps is really interesting and wish that the fourth photo had that same tint. I also find the lamp posts to be the most striking part of the photos- at least, the bright orbs that radiate that sickly color. I think paying attention to the inclusion/placement of those could make a really strong series.
    -Katie R.

  2. anniebelle Says:

    Cullen!! I loved the “Nightscape” photos — but I kind of wish the fourth photo had carried through with the same color/light! But regardless, I really liked them. Also, the narrative set made me laugh — which gets you bonus points!! I love the fourth and fifth ones especially!! I like the change of pace with the drawn figure being incorporated into the narrative and the action. :0) Cool, dude!

  3. kbretzin Says:

    This is what I always pictured cullen; you living in garbage. 🙂

  4. mhamilton Says:

    I thought all your sets were interesting but the one that stuck out the most to me was the hungry little stick figure. The idea was great and the images were hilarious!! I loved it!

  5. mlogan1121 Says:

    Cullen, I love your narrative! It’s really clever how you used a little drawing as your main character! Awesome way to mix media to your advantage 🙂

  6. torismith Says:

    I cant believe you are living in such filth, get a hold of your life. 🙂 Besides that, I really liked your narrative, the idea was super creative and really caught my attention! Muy Bien

  7. vzell Says:

    enjoyed your hungry series. A great way to present a narrative without person and yet having it be about a human experience. Your choices in the sequence really get the point across.

  8. msicola13 Says:

    For the “nightscape” photos, i really like that somewhat blurry unidentified look. However there was one photograph in that bunch that just didn’t match the rest of them. All of those photographs had this cool yellow tent to them, and then the fourth pictures out of the series didn’t make it seem disassociated with the rest of the group.

  9. Ashleigh Buyers Says:

    Hey Cullen do you mind if I use your stick figure guy idea, because it was amazingly creative! Nice job!