Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer is a well known video artist who focuses on incorporating and editing found video pieces. He graduated from the San Franscico Art Institute for his BFA and Hunter College in New York for his MFA. Pfeiffer has been a part of many distinguished gallery exhibitions and received several awards, including the Alpert Award in 2009. Primarily, he uses bits of clips or even still frames to create his videos. Often times it will take him months to produce a short four minute clip. And he will most often use a small LED screen television to exhibit his works. In one series, Pfeiffer focuses on sports arenas and distorts them. He edits the images or clips to take out players or equipment to bring the focus to different aspects of the game that are not usually in the spotlight, like the audience or the sports equipment for example. Personally it is very difficult to comment on his work, because so little of it is accessible through the internet. Though, stills from the videos are readily available, the videos themselves are not.

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