Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello is an artist that pushes the spheres of a “visual artist”. Primarily creating work that involves sounds and music, Vitiello usually either installs his work or performs his music live. This brings up a very interesting issue as to what label to give him. Is he a visual artist whose work should be shown in galleries, or is he an experimental musician? Well, he is a visual artist because he performs and installs his work in galleries. Vitiello creates his sounds through very different means then one would think. He has been known to smash microphones, burn them, ¬†and shoot speakers with a canon to record the sounds they produce. I think this work is really inspired. Who would have thought to try and destroy recording equipment just to see what sound they would make? And I’m not sure as to how he makes music from all of these noises, but the end result is spectacular. Of all the artist we have researched on this website so far, Stephen Vitiello is one of my favorites, which is funny since his work challenges what visual art is. But don’t just take my word for it, create your own opinions and comment back.

Something Like Fireworks

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